I haven't run my website in years. So why now?

Cloud computing is dirt cheap.

When I used to run a public website, it was on a more traditional "managed web hosting" site. These were (and still are) virtual web hosts and chroot jailed FTP areas. Maybe with WordPress installed. They work just fine, but I almost always wanted to screw around with the hosting part, so it was vaguely unsatisfying to simply "blog". I need to get my hands dirty in the hosting aspect of things.

So, here I am. Missed me, didn't ya?


I'm not quite sure where this site will go. My guess is that it'll be a bit code-heavy (I'm planning a "my personal cloud" series), but I suspect I'll also showcase some of my photography, as well as random snippets of general nonsense.

Most likely, I'll get bored and this site will be consigned to the dustbin of history yet again...