A couple months ago, I was playing around with Camtasia to create some presentations for work, and I decided to make a test presentation to learn the software (which, BTW, is pretty easy to get the hang of).[1] I chose to make a video on a FOSS application that I had just taken a look at called Syncthing.

Shockingly, I have over 3,000 views of it and 60+ likes as of this writing... If you'd like to add one more view, make a cup of coffee first so you don't doze off, and then settle in:

Here's my takeaway from the experience:

  1. I need to add ambient room noise when muting, so it doesn't sound like the audio dropped out.
  2. Buy a microphone stand (I used a towel on the desk to attempt to isolate the mic from computer and keyboard noise, but a stand would be better and far less awkward).
  3. The video, at 40+ minutes, is too long. I either have to tighten that up, or break it into two sections: the overview and demo at no more than 10 minutes, and a detailed "deep dive" content that can meander for the hard-core viewers.
  4. Allocate twice as much time as I think I'll need to make a video...


  1. And before you ask, no, I'm not getting any sweet, sweet internet monies from them. ↩︎